Prescription Savings

Online pharmacies like this can help people in saving an effective amount of money when the services are properly utilized. Pharmacy sites listed on our website provide medicines without a prescription because all of them have expert physicians to write prescription for the patients purchasing drugs with them. But the internet also has a long list of fake pharmacy sites that care more about their profit and less about the health and well being of the patients who buy medicines with them. Such ill practices can cause severe health hazards in the patients using such drugs.

We conduct appropriate audit and evaluation programs at regular intervals for monitoring a list of valid online pharmacies that are committed to providing their customers with healthy products and medicines. In our comparison site, a person can compare star ratings and satisfied customer accounts for analyzing and obtaining quality drugs from valid online pharmacies that meet all safety standards and validation criteria. With our assistance, customers can make an online purchase of reliable drugs without worrying much about quality or prices.

You do not require a prescription form while making your purchase of necessary medications from a certified online pharmacy as they provide prescriptions free of cost from their side, thus helping you in saving money on purchase of safe and effective medicines but a fake or improper online pharmacy can sell you counterfeit, adulterated or poor quality drugs. Such fake online pharmacies sell drugs without providing you with an appropriate medication guideline which falsifies your prescription use. This can be fatal for those who use them and we strongly recommend our visitors to avoid shopping on such sites.

Sometimes, we witness high prices for health drugs of certain brand names while generic drugs of same composition are available on online websites at much lower prices because of the availability of discount coupons. We always recommend people to analyze the contents and strength of the medicines before making a purchase.

Some laws prohibit clients from importing safe and generic medicines for personal use, but it’s important to know that people in the United States cannot be sued for such practices, which means you can still get your medications by the post office.

Our best reason to provide our users with useful information on our analytics pages is to help them in acquiring healthy medicines thus protecting them from online fraudulent pharmacies.