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Lorcet is an opioid pain medication containing hydrocodone and acetaminophen in which hydrocodone is the actual pain reliever while acetaminophen is present there to increase the impact of this medicine. If this medicine is misused anyhow, it can cause addiction & overdose issues causing death in some cases hence people are asked to read all the points carefully before they buy generic Lorcet online for use.

Important information:

Physical conditions which can get hindered in their progress due to interaction with the contents of this drug are head injuries, brain tumor, asthma troubles, breathing disorders, lung, liver & kidney diseases, problems with gallbladder, pancreas or thyroid, etc. Similarly, mental illnesses of any sort, depression, suicidal tendencies, drug or alcohol addiction issues can increase under the influence of this drug.

Like all other opioids, this drug is also habit forming hence it is never advised to use the medicine in larger amounts or over longer periods of time than as prescribed. Hydrocodone can cause breathing to go slow or even stop; sometimes resulting in sudden death while Acetaminophen can cause damage to liver and stomach functioning.

If you are using MAO inhibitors, tranquilizers & sedatives for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, migraine or any other serious infections, are sure to tell the doctor about it.

This medicine is not for use for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers & minors below the age of 18.

Side effects and Precautions:

Common side effects visible in the beginning of use of this drug are dizziness, drowsiness, mild headache, sweating, nausea, vomiting & constipation. These symptoms can be lessened in effect by maintaining a fiber rich diet and plenty of water.

Serious side effects that can increase health complications & thus need a patient examination for visible symptoms are listed as follows:

  • Serotonin syndrome which can be diagnosed by the symptoms of confusions, hallucinations, agitation, heavy sweating, fever, muscle stiffness & twitching, etc.
  • Low Cortisol levels with stomach pain, loss of appetite, worsening tiredness or weakness, etc.
  • Irregular or slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, fatigue.
  • Symptoms of allergic reactions: hives, difficult breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat.
  • Easy bruising or bleeding.
  • Sexual problems such as infertility, missed menstrual periods, impotence & lack of interest in sex.
  • Liver problems such as Jaundice with symptoms as yellowing of skin or eyes.

Patients are advised to keep their prescribed dosage quantities in a private place away from the reach of children, pets & potential drug addicts.

Dosage details:

If you buy Lorcet online for treatment of pain, do so in accordance with the prescription details provided for better results.